Fuerteventura: what to visit

Hi guys! Welcome back from holidays! How are you? And how did you spend them? I went to Canary Islands and I really enjoyed my time there 😍. Today I’d like to give you some advice about Fuerteventura, in case you’d like to go there. 

Fuerteventura is one of the islands of Canary , with its tropical weather is perfect for people that would like to spend holidays in a caraibic island while remaining in Europe. Fuerteventura is divided in six districts: Antigua, La Oliva, Bentancuria, Pàjara, Tuineje and Puerto del Rosario. Near there is a small island called Isla de Lobos , you can reach it with a boat. While there I stayed in Sheraton Beach and spa resort which is in Puerto del Rosario. 


Puerto del Rosario is the principal city of Fuerteventura, night life, shopping is all concentrated there. Probably the most famous thing to visit is Unamuno’s house. 


La Oliva is located in the north of the island. If you are a beach lover you can’t miss el Corralejo! 

In the south of the island there is Tuineje with its famous beaches. You can reach Pajara and Punta Jandia lighthouse. 

The most famous beaches are: 

  1. Playa Jandia 
  2. Plays del Sotavento 
  3. Costa calma 

En la zona de la Oliva

  1. Corralejo
  2. El cotillo 


I hope you’ll like this article and soon I’ll post another one about Tenerife!


Let’s go somewhere

Hello people!! How are you? Today I started my journey!! Now I’m in Madrid but I’ll be there just for one day and then tomorrow i’m leaving to Fuerteventura ✈️😍. What’s your plan ? 

Did you know the hotel TRYP gran via Madrid ? It’s the hotel where I’m staying and it’s sooo amazing 😍 my room is to the Gran Via! Here are some pics

Minimal haute

Hi! How are you? Finally the good weather is coming and I can wear my dresses without needing to wear the tights too! 😂 I can feel myself totally free 🤗 what do you think of this dress? Well, it has a long story!! My grandma gave it to me and it’s from Vivetta! The glasses is from Fendi. The shoes are from Chiara Ferragni. Hope you like the pics😘 

🇩🇪Hallo Leute! Wie geht’s dir? Endlich ist  das schöne Wetter angekommen und ich kann meine Kleiden ohne Strumpf tragen! Ich fühle mich frei😂 was meinst du über mein Kleid? So, es hat eine lange Geschichte!! Meine Größmutter hat es mir geschenkt, es ist von Vivetta! Die Brille sind von Frendi, Die Schuhe sind von Chiara Ferragni. Ich hoffe dass euch gefällt es 

Dutch crown braid 

Hello beauties! Today I’m gonna show you how to braid a Dutch crown braid! At the beginning it looks difficult to do, but after some training you’ll find it easy! Let’s start!

1. Bring your hair all to the right side and start braiding in a Dutch braid (adding every time a small piece of your hair)

2 once you reach the end of your hair tie it up into an elastic band and loosen the braid  in order to make it bigger 

At this point remove the elastic band and bring your braid in the upper part of the head and secure it in place with several bobby pins 

New shoes 

Hello my lovely readers! This morning I went for some shopping in Milan and I found this amazing marbled paper, perfect for flatlays and for bricolage! And then I bought the Chiara Ferragni shoes 😍 I’m totally into them! But apart from the shoes, do you like bricolage? are there some DIY works that you did and that you could advice me? Let me know guys! Have a nice weekend ❤ 

Country casual 

Hello lovely readers! Today I’ll show you this way to combine a long skirt with a long blouse! What do you think about this look? It reminds me the old country america, doesn’t it? 

  • Top: brandy and Melville 
  • Blouse: Levi’s 
  • Skirt: Antonio Marras
  • Shoes: mango 

Strolling around Brera

Hello readers! I’m back with a new series of photos I took a week ago and I was looking forward to showing them 😍😍 I took them in Brera nearby because I think is a district full of nice layouts and buildings perfect to shoot some pics! The dress I wore is from Monki! The shoes are from River Island and the bag is from Michael Kors, the jacket is from Zara. Let me know what you think about! 💋

Di viole di liquirizia 

Hi guys! Yesterday I was in Brera (Milan) for a walk with my friend and we took some pics that I’ll show you later!! Meanwhile I want to present you this fantastic and cutie place in which I’m literally into😍😍 it’s called “Di viole di liquirizia” and it is a typical American bakery. The only flaw is that it’s very small and strict! But fortunately there are tables outdoors too! The kitchen offers cupcakes! (Like the one I took , mine was caramel salted one 😍😍 but there are so many flavours!!) there are cakes too but what I’d like to advice you is absolutely the cupcakes!! If you’re going there let me know! 

Weekend at lake 

Hello pretties!! I’m sorry for haven’t post since lot but I was in hospital and I came back home yesterday! Anyway during this week I’ll try to shoot some new pics but at the moment i show you this fantastic place in Como where I was with my family! I’m into this pictures don’t you? I really love the colours 😍

  • Pullover: hm 
  • Skirt: maxandco
  • Boots: Zara
  • Faux fur: zara 

Add some flowers🌹

Hey guys! Happy Saturday! Today I’m finally posting some pics of my latest shooting 😍 I’m wearing this dress that I find literally enchanting 😍 i don’t know why, i think it’s because of the pattern! I bought it at andotherstories which is a minimal luxury shop and I’m quite into this haute/ style. The fur is from Zara and I think that the two items combine well together. Let me know what you think about this outfit and don’t forget to follow me on instagram! https://www.instagram.com/themaisonpursuit/

Double rose bun

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog, today I’ll show you a very easy hairstyle to do 

1 step 

Divide your hair into to sections and start from the top of the head braiding into a Dutch braid, it means adding some hair in each passage 
2 step 

once you’ve reached the end of the hair fix it with an elastic band and do the same thing on the other side of the head 

3 step 

At this point you should have 2 braids! Now roll them up against your head and fix them with several bubby pins